Great article we’ve been included in about the necessity of decapitalizing our public spaces.

This we believe.

This we believe.

The latest from Free the Billboards: a stop motion animation in which a billboard reflects on its negative impact on the community and imagines itself contributing something much more beautiful.

Imagining this in NW Portland.

Imagining this in NW Portland.

Nice one!

This one just came in from Toronto!  So cool to see people all over the world reimagining the visual spaces in our communities that have been hijacked by advertisers.

New submission from Istanbul, Turkey!

Beautiful Rosseau.

Jellyfish puppet is way cooler than a subway sign.

Sweet new submission: encouraging words!

Sweet new submission: encouraging words!

Kids howling in the rain replace an alcohol ad.  

Looking for the photographer to attribute this work to.

NE Burnside, Portland

What about poetry?  What kind of effect would this have on people in a traffic jam, or if you were walking by and having a bad day?

Freshly submitted gorgeous poem excerpt by local poet K. Salzmann

SE Division, Portland

A beautiful piece just submitted.  This photograph is by JR. 

NE Portland, OR

What if this drawing, from Moby Dick, was up instead of this ad?

Downtown Portland, Oregon